Data Security

Certified e-Stewards recyclers are responsible for the security of all your data on all your electronic devices, including:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Handhelds
  • Copiers

This gives you, your clients and your brand security you can’t find anywhere else.

  • e-Stewards recyclers follow a strict chain of custody when handling your devices and disposed assets, ensuring the security of your sensitive data.
  • Certified e-Stewards recyclers keep detailed records of your assets and are audited by accredited third-party certification bodies for their performance of data erasure and their end-to-end security processes.
  • Failure to meet these mandatory requirements can result in expulsion from the e- Stewards program.
  • Only the verified best e-waste recyclers qualify, and stay in, the e-Stewards program.

Environmental Justice

Show your commitment to the environment and being green by using certified e-Stewards recyclers.

Electronic assets contain a variety of toxic materials, including lead, mercury, cadmium, brominated flame retardants and more. When improperly disposed, these substances, and the toxins used to “recycle” your assets, wreck havoc on ecosystems—killing plants and wildlife, and poisoning water tables, rivers, and wetlands.

Certified e-Stewards recyclers must follow stringent guidelines to minimize environmental impact from asset recycling, which includes:

  • No exportation of hazardous electronic waste (HEWs) to developing nations where environmental guidelines are often lax
  • No dumping of HEWs in landfills, which can leach toxics into the ecosystem
  • Metals from your assets are reclaimed, reducing the need for toxic mining
  • Batteries must be recycled to reclaim metals
  • Refurbishment and reuse are highly encouraged, reducing the waste stream
  • No burning of e-waste
  • All recycling facilities must identify and mitigate any significant environmental impacts, based on specific operations, e.g., storm water run-off, trucking/logistics pollution, dust/vapor/fumes release, energy consumption, contamination of the recycling facility, etc.
  • Failure to follow all of the above can result in expulsion from the e-Stewards program.
  • Prove your company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and protection. Use certified e-Stewards recyclers for all your asset disposition.

Conformity to Highest E-waste Recycling Standard

  • Only the demonstrated best e-waste recyclers make it into, and stay in, the e-Stewards program.
  • Ensure your company’s asset disposition conform to the highest certification standards by using a certified e-Stewards recycler.
  • Diverse and continuously changing e-waste legislation and new types of electronic devices entering the market, creates challenges for companies to properly dispose of e-waste. e-Stewards certified are required to keep requirements where they do business.
  • International laws are already in place governing the exportation of hazardous e-waste. 25 US states have e-waste laws, and 19 US states ban dumping hazardous e-waste into landfills.

Conforms with evolving international e-waste laws:

  • e-Stewards certified recyclers must follow all local, national and international laws governing e-waste disposal
  • The e-Stewards Standard follows the Basel Convention
  • e-Stewards requirements are stricter than most laws
  • No export of hazardous electronic waste from developed to developing countries.

Social Justice

Support the citizens of developing countries and help keep them healthy and their environment clean by responsibly recycling your assets with an e-Stewards recycler.

Many e-waste “recyclers” make their money by exporting disposed assets to developing countries where the electronics are boiled in acid, picked apart by orphans, and recycled” under dangerous and toxic conditions.

The result is a wasteland where:

  • Children’s blood levels contain over 90 times the safe amount of lead
  • Farming is impossible as the soil is toxic
  • Streams and waterways are polluted with high levels of lead, mercury & other toxics
  • Centuries-old ways of life are replaced by dangerous e-waste “recycling”
  • Children and other vulnerable populations are exploited for “recycling”
  • Help keep developing countries on track to a healthy, bright future by using recyclers certified to the e-Stewards standard that:
  • Prohibits child and forced labor
  • Prohibits labor in prisons
  • Disallows the exportation of hazardous electronic waste to developing nations
  • Allows the exportation of tested, working devices to developing nations to bridge the technology gap

Brand Support

Building a strong partnership with certified e-Stewards recyclers who follow the highest e-waste recycling standard elevates your brand both internally and externally, garnering community support, employee pride/retention, improved client relationships, and positive media attention.

Enhance your brand, and create a lasting positive brand image in the media and community by ensuring your assets:

  • Avoid negative environmental impact
  • Comply with local and international laws
  • Recycled responsibly, safely and ethically
  • Sensitive data wiped

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Reduce Costs/Increase Revenue

Reduce your costs and increase your revenue:

  • Rigorous e-Stewards auditing can reduce the burden of vendor management by reducing the need for onsite audits
  • e-Stewards certified recyclers must follow all local and international laws, thus ensuring your assets are legally disposed
  • Your assets will either be reused or recycled responsibly, creating a positive image within your community and for your clients
  • You will be part of a growing community of e-Stewards Enterprises that use e-Stewards recyclers
  • You will be in the company of respected organizations such as, the NRDC and more, boosting your recognition