R2 Certification

Capitol Asset Recovery is proud to maintain an R2:2013 Certification as a responsible recycling facility. Download our certificate, here.

What is R2:2013 Certification?

R2 Certification badgeDeveloped by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI), the R2:2013 Standard establishes responsible recycling (“R2”) practices for the recycling of electronics globally. By certifying to this Standard through an accredited third-party certification body, we help our customers make informed decisions and have increased confidence that used and end-of-life electronic equipment are managed in an environmentally responsible manner, protective of the health and safety of workers and the public, and that all data on all media devices is secure until destroyed.

R2 Certification ensures that when you are ready to retire your old IT equipment, it will be disposed of in a way that will keep the earth green and maybe even save you some green. If it isn’t recovered or reused, you can rest assured that your IT assets, both data and material, will be recycled in the most environmentally means possible as set by the R2 Standards while being mindful of your wishes and bottom line.

What Does it Mean?

During a 7-step process, all R2:2013 Certified Electronics Recyclers undergo stringent and rigorous evaluation in more than 50 areas by an independent certification body. Only after the auditing process is satisfied is the certificate awarded. To maintain this high standard, the electronics recycler is then audited annually, and must re-apply for certification every three years.

R2 Certification means that you are working with an industry leader in operations, safety, and environmental performance for handling end-of life computer and data disposition. Be it secure data transference or purging, ensuring environmental and worker safety globally or minimizing e-waste, R2 Certification is Capitol Asset Recovery’s commitment to the highest standard of material disposition.

Why is R2 Certification Important?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) encourages the recycling of electronic products to conserve natural resources, avoid air and water pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, many states have laws on the recycling and disposal of electronics.

Certification advances best practices and offers a uniform way to assess the environmental, worker health, and security practices of companies engaged in the business of managing used electronics. The EPA acknowledges R2 as a certification program that is based on strong environmental standards which maximize reuse and recycling, minimize exposure to human health or the environment, ensure safe management of materials by downstream handlers, and require destruction of all data on used electronics.

What it Guarantees

  • Data security — All R2 Certified Recyclers are required to sanitize, purge, or destroy data on all hard drives and data storage devices using customer- and equipment-specific security programs via processes that are subject to periodic review and validation by independent parties.
  • Recovered, Reused, Recycled —  Being mindful of both the environmental and social ramifications of reuse, R2 practitioners adhere to a “reuse, recover, dispose” philosophy down the chain of custody. If it meets key function operational standards, and then deemed fit for reuse, equipment is exported. If not, it will be recycled and the IT assets exported only once R2 exporting recycling provisions are satisfied. And as the client is king, when recovery or reuse aren’t preferred, the assets are automatically earmarked for the R2-standardized recycle bin.
  • Safe Environmental Practices — R2 Electronics Recyclers are responsible and accountable for all aspects of focus materials, (or materials that pose environmental concern) from start to finish and all steps in between. While remaining compliant with domestic regulations and international treaties, all steps in the process are handled in a safe and responsible manner ensuring worker and environmental well being.
  • Proper E-Waste Disposal — R2 certified Electronics Recyclers are required to hold all necessary state and federal regulated permits, licenses, and insurance as well as utilizing stringent shipping and material tracking systems in sending materials to only those facilities that are licensed and permitted. Nothing is left to chance.

For Government Organizations

Research suggests that the Federal Government is one of the largest perpetrators of e-waste, buying some 500,000 new computers every year. It does very little to assuage the common perception of bureaucratic insensitivity and a lack of organizational accountability.

Perhaps the biggest threat faced by government organizations is the increased security risk in disposing of what is deemed surplus technology. While many government institutions will incur the substantial cost of replacing computers, they often cannot recoup the cost of data leakage.

Employing the aid of R2-certified Electronics Recyclers, agencies and organizations can address both of these issues. By committing to extending the lifecycle of “inoperable” assets or even the responsible recycling of existing machines it demonstrates fiscal responsibility and institutional accountability.

Furthermore, by committing to the regulated standard of excellence an R2-certified Electronics Recycler will use in managing the disposition of particularly sensitive data, it points to a proactive institution that takes its mandate of protecting and serving the public trust very seriously.

All in all, by using a company that is discrete, continuously audited and, as such, extremely thorough when it comes to the retiring of IT assets, the public and private sector stand to gain more than they lose – especially the very discerning and increasingly well-informed common man’s perception.

For Businesses

While increasingly computers are viewed as necessary to daily life, their disposition need not be viewed as a necessary evil. By choosing R2 Electronics Recyclers (Electronics Recyclers), you demonstrate that your company has made a commitment to much more than just the bottom line – if anything it signifies that you are searching for means to stretch it. Which is sustainability in its own right. Among many things, working with an R2-certified Electronics Recycler demonstrates that you are:

    • Eco-friendly and environmentally responsible
    • Accountable for your IT assets, throughout the entirety of your stewardship of them including their disposition
    • Cognizant of the threat that data security poses and have made it a top priority
    • Proactive in adhering to the highest industry standards and best practices
    • Capable of matching your fiduciary sense to the burgeoning social and environmental responsibility

Furthermore, by committing what you have dubbed an obsolete IT asset to be recovered, you have the capacity to impact social change through socially-responsible sustainable computing practices. What you no longer want can be converted into a greater need outside of your office by placing it in a school or home that can find use for it again.

By choosing Capitol Asset Recovery as your R2 electronics recycler, that little extra time you spend on addressing corporate accountability, fiscal responsibility and environmental sustainability buys you more than dollars can ever hope to – it buys you a peace of mind.