Certified Electronics Recycling

Washington DC’s First eStewards and R2 Certified E-Recycler

Capitol Asset Recovery has a ZERO electronic waste landfill policy and strives to ensure that all of the electronics we are entrusted to dispose of are properly handled.

Our goal is first to attempt to refurbish the electronic equipment we receive by using our IT Asset Recovery Process. Our domestic retail chain PCRetro.com sells warranted, refurbished electronic equipment to both businesses and direct to consumers. 

When equipment cannot be refurbished to our standards, it is disassembled for usable parts and scrap metals. Our recycling and dismantling facilities are all located in the U.S., adhere to written waste analysis plans, and our employees are properly trained in environment, safety and health management. Our all-encompassing health and safety plan complies with all relevant local, state, and federal environmental laws.   

Capitol Asset maintains required documentation and permits related to the handling of our residual waste streams and our downstream partners maintain the same standards.  We issue Certificates of Proper Disposal to all of our customers that use our IT recycling service along with our Auditing Services.

For more information regarding our IT Asset Recycling Process, visit CapRecycling.com.