Our Environmental Policy

IT Recycling Environmental Policy

Capitol Asset’s guiding principles are dedication to strict and thorough environmental controls and concern for the welfare of our shared environment. Our objective is to ensure that our workplaces and operations conform to federal, state, and local environmental standards.

We believe in the appropriate balance between environmental goals and economic strength, and we are the leader in effective environmental management. Each Capitol Asset employee contributes to and accepts responsibility for attaining the following objectives:

  • Operating our establishments in an environmentally sound approach
  • Preserving and recycling raw materials and reducing the amount of waste created by the company’s processes
  • Safe handling of product and scrap materials

Our company’s fundamental principles are as follows:

  • All company facilities will function in an environmentally responsible way and conform to environmental rules and regulations
  • Through audits and other methods, the company will examine and evaluate operations to ensure we adhere to our policies
  • Capitol Asset management make environmental responsiveness and resource conservation a fundamental part of business management and support the discovery of new solutions for environmental problems
  • Capitol Asset educates and trains our employees to meet environmental goals

Each Capitol Asset workplace administers its activities with the goal of achieving the objectives of this Environmental Policy. Each Capitol Asset Recovery employee works to achieve these objectives and is encouraged to warn his or her supervisor promptly of any situation that may be in conflict with this policy.