Our Process for IT Recycling

For more information regarding our IT Asset Recycling Process, visit CapRecycling.com.

1. Needs Analysis & Risk Assessment

The first phase of the Capitol Asset approach to electronics recycling and data destruction services is a Needs Analysis & Risk Assessment. This process begins with a company representative reviewing each project with the customer’s point of contact to develop a proper plan of action that follows our customer’s requirements and security protocols.

We also offer several other services depending on what best suits your needs:

  1. Convenient, no-frills pickups
  2. Asset Management and Auditing
  3. Plant based media shredding at our Hyattsville, MD shredding facility
  4. On-site electronic media shredding

2. Agree to Terms

Next, we agree to terms with our customers in terms of price, quantity and type of material, security requirements, reporting measures needed, and payment terms. At this stage we also ensure that Capitol Asset Recovery will maintain the integrity of the customers data and information while perform our job from start to completion.

3. Assign Point of Contact

Then Capitol Asset Recovery assigns a point of contact for our customer to be able to Contact Us [link] at any time with any questions or concerns. This point of contact handles both scheduling duties and security requirements; they act as a liaison between Capitol Asset Recovery and the customer representatives.

4. Receive Logistics Support

Between the time of pickup of material, through the transportation to the agreed upon shredding or processing location, Capitol Asset Recovery provides seamless logistics support to maintain proper security.. Capitol Asset Recovery treats all material to be recycled or destroyed seriously, and can adapt to any customer requirement. Learn about our Secure Logistical Support Services.

5. Start Recycling / Data Destruction

At this stage in the process, we begin our work of decommissioning your old computer equipment. Based on the agreed upon reporting methods and security requirements for the job, our own employees perform the service following all applicable local, state, and federal laws to ensure job completion and customer satisfaction starting with Data Destruction.

6. Circulate Inventory List and Certificates

Once data destruction is performed on the customer’s material and the electronics are recycled, an inventory list is sent to the customer for review and signatures, along with our Certificates of Proper Disposal.  Capitol Asset Recovery understands that customer needs change daily, so precise inventory of material is paramount.  Learn about our Auditing and Certificates of Proper Disposal

We can offer to purchase equipment that is no longer needed but still has usable value; Capitol Asset Recovery can use our blended services to offer payment and buyback of equipment when needed.

For more information regarding our IT Asset Recycling Process, visit CapRecycling.com