IT Asset Recovery

Once it’s no longer cost effective to continue to repair, upgrade or otherwise maintain a piece of technology, it’s reached the end of its life cycle with you. But for Capitol Asset Recovery, its life has just begun. 

Do you have old computers, computer equipment, or surplus computers you’d like to sell?  We purchase all brands of desktop, networking, and other forms of IT equipment—here’s a complete list of the equipment we purchase.

How Can You Make Money By Selling Your Used Computers?

If you’ve been delaying the replacement of your outdated equipment because you think you can’t afford it, we’ll make it a little easier by turning your used equipment into starting capital towards its replacement… We will buy your used computer equipment and we can customize profit sharing solutions, purchase any amount of equipment outright, or completely recycle all unwanted items collected.

Why Do We Buy Used Computers?

Don’t let your computers end up in landfills when they could make a difference in someone else’s life. While that used laptop or printer may not have a place in your life or office anymore that doesn’t mean it’s no good at all. Thanks to our excellent technicians and their ability to refurbish used computers, your old computer could find usefulness with a new owner. Employees may be interested in buy-back programs, students can afford ‘new’ technology to help them get through school, faraway family members can communicate with loved ones, and nonprofits and charities with limited budgets can get the equipment to help execute their missions. One of the things we’re most proud of is our ability to offer affordable computers to people.

What Do We Do With Them?

At our 40,000-square-foot warehouse in Lanham, MD, Capitol Asset Recovery technicians process thousands of units each month; restoring used computers to perfect working order for resell.  We are a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.  We securely handle data wiping (DoD, classified level destruction) and degaussing. We completely strip the internal system of personal information and software and other proprietary information.  We also de-label the equipment by removing all stickers, labels, barcodes and other information from external surfaces that would tie your equipment to you. We’re concerned about your safety and security, and we take it very seriously.  Equipment that cannot be refurbished is always disposed of in an environmentally safe way.  Learn about your Certified Electronics Recycling service.

An infographic of the Cap Assets process

Interested in learning more?  Review our IT Assset Recovery Process

Service is our Specialty

We are focused on customizing our services for our clients. We’re constantly redefining the IT asset recovery and IT asset disposition process and our team is ready to speak with you today about options.