Our Process for IT Asset Recovery

1. Decide to Retire Your Old Computer Equipment

After a computer, server, or printer reaches a certain age, it’s no longer cost effective to continue to repair, upgrade or otherwise maintain it. It’s actually cheaper to buy a new piece of equipment than it is to fix the old stuff.

It’s no secret that the longer you hold on to your old computer the less it’s worth, so contact Capitol Asset Recovery right away so we can give you the best price possible for your old equipment, and give it a new life as refurbished equipment. If we find that your equipment is too old, and not qualified for use as a refurbished computer, Capitol Asset can also make sure that your equipment is recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner.

2. Create A List of all of Your Equipment

Getting a comprehensive sense of your inventory is the first step in helping us buy your used computer equipment. Once we have that list of your equipment, we can begin the process of appraising it, receiving the equipment, and giving you monetary compensation.

The information we’ll need as a part of the inventory to be able to provide the best estimate includes:

  • Type of Equipment
  • Make
  • Model
  • Configuration
  • Condition
  • Accessories, ex. keyboard and mouse, power adaptor

If you’re not comfortable taking inventory of the used computer equipment you’d like to sell, we’ll happily arrange a trip out to your facilities to examine your technology firsthand. 

3. Receive A Free Quote To Buy Your Used Computer Equipment

Once we receive your list of computer equipment, we will assess the value at no cost to you.

Our free quotes have no obligation.  We’ll give you a fair and honest appraisal of what your old or surplus computer equipment is worth.  The longer you hold on to your used computer equipment before selling it, the more it will depreciate in value.

4. We Manage The Transfer of the Equipment

Capital Assets Removal ContainerAfter you’ve accepted our quote, it’s time to schedule your pickup.

We’ve got some of the most efficient and cost-effective shipping and logistics services available ; we’ll coordinate getting your used computer equipment to our warehouse in Lanham, Md.,   Let us do the ‘heavy lifting.’  We’ll find directions to your place, arrange for parking and even reserve a freight elevator with your building manager, if necessary.  We’ll pick it up, we’ll load the truck, all you have to do is sign.

5. Equipment is Refurbished

It is during this part of the process that we complete the transition from your hands to ours and prepare your used computer equipment for its next phase.   We begin the process of data wiping and de-labeling Our refurbishing team restores your equipment to perfect working order, sending your equipment on its way to a bright future with a new user.  As a part of the refurbishing process, our technicians will clean fan blades, solder in new boards, and swap out pieces from different machines to create a complete, working system.  We ensure that the technology of yesterday does not go to waste.

We also offer complete Auditing and Certificates of Proper Disposal — to simplify the process for you.

6. You Receive Payment and Certificate of Proper Disposal.

7. Refurbished Equipment is Sold

Equipment that once was considered obsolete is now refurbished and ready for our retail channels. We’re able to resell electronics through our online marketplace and in our retail stores.  End users will be able to purchase equipment and your old computers will find a good home!

PCRetro.com  is our online retail channel for refurbished equipment.  There are several area PCRetro.com stores in the DC area.