Data Security: Degaussing

Data Security is extremely vital to the success of any company. Your proprietary information, customer and employee data, and financial information are all contained on drives at your facility that you will one day need to dispose of.
Capitol Asset Recovery is here to help. We have several different options available to our customers for different levels of destruction. We are able to come on-site and perform destruction services as well. Today, lets focus on Degaussing.

What is Degaussing?

tr.v. de•gaussed, de•gauss•ing, de•gauss•es
1. To neutralize the magnetic field of (a ship, for example).
2. To erase information from (a magnetic disk or other storage device).

Degaussing is process through which Data held on a magnetic storage device (such as a HDD or Backup Tape) is sanitized through exposure to a magnet. For HDDs and Backup Tapes specifically this results in not only the data being erased, but also the item no longer being able to hold any data whatsoever rendering it useless.
We here at Capitol Asset Recovery are able to bring degaussing to you! We can bring a NSA approved HD-1T Degaussing unit to your facility and you can watch (even though there isn’t much to see) us destroy all of your drives. Alternatively, we can pickup your Media and securely transport it to our facility in a locked and GPS tracked vehicle for the process to take place. Either way, you will receive a full report of the destruction including Certificates of Destruction, Serial scan of Media destroyed, and a Certificate of Recycling. The Certificate of Recycling is important so that you know in addition to your data being secured the remnants are also being taken care of in an Eco-Friendly manner.
If you have any more questions about Degaussing, or would like to schedule an appointment, please give me a call!

Tim Hilton
Purchasing Manager
Tel: 240-696-2572

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