Data Security: Wiping

Data Security is extremely vital to the success of any company. Your proprietary information, customer and employee data, and financial information are all contained on drives at your facility that you will one day need to dispose of.

Capitol Asset Recovery is here to help. We have several different options available to our customers for different levels of destruction. We are able to come on-site and perform destruction services as well. Today, let’s focus on Wiping

  • So what is wiping?

Wiping is a process by which the data previously on the hard drive is rendered unreadable, but the HDD itself is still usable. Notice that the term does not actually mean the data is removed. Instead the data is over written several times to the point that it is impossible to distinguish what it once was.

At Capitol Asset Recovery, this is our favorite form of destruction for a couple reasons.

1. The HDD is re-usable: This means that we can re-use the drive to put into a PC that will go out to be remarketed and re-used. The absolute best case scenario for our environment.
2. Cost: the cost of wiping is minimal, there is no expensive shredding/degaussing machine to maintain and operate. This means that we can pass those savings onto you.
The desire for physical destruction is antiquated; “wiping” software has grown in leaps and bounds over the last decade. White Canyon’s WipeDrive fulfills all the same credentials as shredding, grinding, or degaussing without the negative environmental impact.

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