Earth Day 2018

Well, spring is on its way! At least I hope so. That means that Earth Day is rapidly approaching. Now is the perfect time to start planning an E-Cycling event for your organization. We offer several different Tiers of services with these.

• Labeled Receptacle at your facility
o One of our four different options of receptacle will be delivered to your facility and left for a pre arranged amount of time and then removed.
• Truck on site
o You will have a Capitol Asset vehicle outside your building for a set time frame so people can drop off items with them on their way into work, or on their way out!
• Hand pickup of items
o We send a team of Capitol Asset recovery experts to your building and they remove the items and package them for you!

Why not turn it in to a fundraiser?!

One option that is often overlooked is the value of an e-cycling drive as a fundraiser. Have people donate a small amount while depositing their electronics to be properly taken care of.
When you work with Capitol Asset Recovery you know you are working with the best. We are both R2 and E-Stewards certified so you know that the equipment is being properly handled and disposed of. Give me a call and I will get you set up right away!

Tim Hilton
Director of Business Development and Marketing
Tel: 410-609-6910

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