Technology and Your Health

Here at Capitol Asset we see on a regular basis how technology can improve your health.  From our executive team tracking their competitive stepping on their wristbands, to our hard-working people in the warehouse, we are moving forward and working hard every day.  We keep busy recycling electronics to help improve environmental health. Throwing out your technology causes pollution and health risks. So, you have to get rid of your technology in the appropriate way to be sure health isn’t compromised. Did you know some electronics contain toxic materials such as cadmium and lead which can contaminate the environment and pose a health risk?  Help your company keep the environment healthy, ask if they recycle their electronics, or setup a recycling event. Give us a call so we can help you do this. We can also help your company recover the value of their IT assets and be sure all of their data on any electronic is securely destroyed.

 Below are some other ways technology is improving your health.  We know it’s improving ours because of the decisions we make and the ways we work smarter and harder for you each day.  

8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health


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