Why I purchase Re-used Computers

Way back in the summer of 2001 (fourteen years ago now), I moved to the DC Metro area. West Virginia, where I moved from, was pretty remote so in addition to my day job in social services I had taught myself about computers. Ebay was just a few years old and I had been purchasing and refurbishing computers for family and friends.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I drove up route 1 through Beltsville and discovered PC Retro. A whole store full of re-used computers! And the prices were amazing.

To make a very long story short, I started working for the company that October and it is great to be a part of what we do. From my work in our stores I saw firsthand the people who were benefiting from our refurbishment and resale of computers (me included). We sent computers to those responding long-term to 9/11 in New York City. We were able to ship computers to people all around the world and provide them to many others who may not have been able to afford them.

Why do I still purchase refurbished computers? Because they work and are a renewable resource. Sadly many people from college students to grandparents are sold a bill of goods that they need to drop hundreds, if not a thousand dollars on a new computer. You’re computer is slow? Buy a new computer. You’ve had your computer for a few years? Buy a new computer. You have a virus? Buy a new computer.

Not only do our retail employees sell computers but they educate people so that they can learn to maintain their computer for years to come. Upgrading RAM, cleaning up your computer, blowing out dust and virus removal do not require a rocket scientist (even I can do it).

Sitting beside me is one of the first computers I bought from PC Retro in 2002, a Dell Dimension XPS Pro200n. It still runs and, even with 128MB of RAM, I can load a basic version of linux to surf the web. I am personally running a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop with the latest build of Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Many people do not know that this summer Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to Windows: Windows 10. This will run on many of the machines people already have and is a free upgrade from Windows 7 or 8. It will also run on many of the systems sold by PC Retro.

We also sell Apple equipment, tablets and much, much more.

So the next time you, a loved one or a friend looks to purchase a computer consider us. Visit www.pcretro.com. You’ll be helping the environment, saving money and purchasing a computer with a good warrantee from friendly staff who can help you.

Thanks and happy computing,

Stu Metzler


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