DoD Data Wipe

When you get rid of your old computer, you need to permanently wipe the information on your hard drive to protect sensitive and proprietary information. Simply clearing the drive by traditional methods — deleting files or even formatting the drive — isn’t enough; these files can be easily recovered by anyone skilled at data recovery.  Data wiping is the process that permanently deletes all information from your hard drive. This goes beyond simply reformatting the drive — especially in cases where highly sensitive data is involved.  We adhere to the NIST 800-88 standard (

Capitol Asset provides affordable data wipes as part of our spectrum of services. Our pledge is to help you protect your data in the afterlife of your used computer equipment.  Capitol Asset offers data wiping both on-site at our secure 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Hyattsville, Maryland and off-site. The method for data wiping we use at Capitol Asset is software based to overwrite your original data.  The software we use is Wipedrive by White Canyon.

Data wiping does not destroy the device, it removes all data thereby making the disk reusable for refurbishing and resale because it is still operable.  If your company’s protocol calls for destruction of the device, we also offer degaussing, electronic media/hard drive shredding, and incineration.

We offer volume based pricing, contact our team today to discuss.

DoD-level (Classified) Data Wiping

Due to the sensitive, classified, and top secret nature of the information at the Department of Defense, they have set requirements for data wipes.  Capitol Asset Recovery provides this level of data wiping as a standard part of our services.  A DoD wipe requires that a computer’s information be overwritten seven times to be considered unrecoverable.  A basic wipe is 90% unrecoverable, and a DoD level wipe is 10X times unrecoverable.   This may seem like a procedure necessary only for government agencies or big corporations — but it’s not. If your old computer falls into the wrong hands, any sensitive information on your hard drive could lead to identity theft, the loss of industry secrets, or other fraud.

If you need official documentation for the destruction of your data and used computer equipment, we also offer complete Audit Services as well as Certificates of Proper Disposal.