Electronic Media Shredding

The threat of identity theft means that destruction of old media, such as hard drives, CD’s, and backup tapes is a serious concern. Overwriting and degaussing hard drives, tapes and other magnetic media is often no longer the solution.

Whether your computer equipment contains your organization’s trade secrets or stores records containing, health, financial banking, or other confidential and classified information the destruction of your data should be your first priority when preparing to refresh or renew your electronic assets.  The same is true if your computer is at home and contains personal, financial and private, information; you want confidence that your data will be removed securely.  Consider hard drive shredding for optimum data security.

Capitol Asset Recovery offers the data shredding services to customers nationwide for the proper disposal of sensitive data both on site at their facility or in our secure, 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Hyattsville, Maryland.

If you need official documentation for the destruction of your data and used computer equipment, we also offer complete Audit Services as well as Certificates of Proper Disposal.