Logistical Support

Secure Transportation of Your Equipment

Screenshot 2015-10-01 18.55.27Capitol Asset Recovery provides secure logistical transportation support for our customers. Every customer is different in terms of their requirements for the shipping of used computer equipment.  You may want to only ship your media for data destruction or ship the entire system for refurbishing or recycling.  Whatever your needs are, we understand that secure logistics is as vital as any other part in the process.  Each of our Company-owned vehicles are tracked by GPS technology and secured with proper locking mechanisms.

Capitol Asset performs large electronics pickups from offices, warehouses, schools, and government agencies across the country. We can service smaller offices along the eastern seaboard.  Our vehicles can handle any volume of equipment located at your facilities. Our staff can remove equipment from offices, data rooms, and loading docks. Our goal is to make your life easier.

We come to your office and pick up your computer equipment. We will securely seal all crates of your media prior to transportation to our secure facility. We provide all of our customers with Certificates of Proper Disposal  and offer our customers full indemnity for their data and electronic equipment. If you need official documentation for the destruction of your data and used computer equipment, we also offer Complete Audit  services.


A fee may apply for pickup service of used equipment located within 100 miles of Washington, D.C.  Out-of-state pickups are based on actual shipping costs, which we will calculate for you and provide a written estimate of.  We’ll then work with a shipping or freight company to coordinate the simplest way to get your equipment to our warehouse.